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Customized Nutrient Supplementation
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      Let's face it; one size does not fit all.  Not clothes, shoes or diets.  How can we expect a multivitamin to be appropriate for everyone?  New vitamins enter the market everyday, and the variety can be overwhelming, especially when many people fit into 2 or more categories , for example women’s multivitamin, carb smart vitamins etc.  So how can you truly know which vitamin is right for you?  The answer is simple.  Ideal Health breakthrough Priva Test takes the guesswork out of the confusing world of personal supplementation and delivers your customized vitamins right to your door.  The test is a simple and effective way to begin your journey to renewed health and vitality.

    The Priva Test is an accurate, scientific way of measuring the critical metabolic markers in your body's ability to detoxify itself.  The Priva test measures the end products of your urine, specifically 3 critical biochemical markers:


1.  Urinary Sulfates:  A marker for your liver's detoxification process


2. Urinary Lipid Peroxides:  A marker for oxidative stress which determines general antioxidant status.


3.  Urinary Nitrates:  A marker for the regulation of nitric oxide (A compound involved in many body systems including the immune, nervous and circulatory systems.


    By measuring these key components, the Priva test can tell you where you need nutritional support and how much or how little of each nutrient you need to achieve optima health and possibly prevent many health challenges.

    There are a number of interrelated factors affecting the specific nutrient each person needs.  These include common factors such as weight, gender and age, variable factors such as genetics, diet, exercise and stress levels, and metabolic factors that change throughout life that can often disable the built in body systems that maintain your health. 

    Traditional nutritional testing measures nutrients in the blood at any given time.  But to really know what's going on in your body, you need to know if nutrients are getting into your cells and how your cells are using them.  That is why, above all other tests, the Priva test is the most accurate and effective way of determining nutrient needs.

    After urine analysis, your test results are sent to you in a Priva Test report explaining your results.  The Custom Essentials multivitamin, the first customized multivitamin uniquely targeting your body's needs based on the results of your Priva test, is sent to you monthly.  Taking Custom Essentials is like giving you a daily tune up with targeted nutrition.  Critical nutrients falling below needed levels are added to, excess intake is reduced and harmful toxins are removed everyday.  Custom Essentials multivitamin is a blend of up to 50 pharmaceutical grade vitamins, chelated minerals, amino acids and phytonutrients.  Custom Essentials is not a stock multivitamin.  Instead it is a vitamin created especially for you. Amazingly enough, we all live inside a body that is capable of improvement everyday....what are you waiting for?


For more information or to order a Priva Test and make the commitment to better health, email or call (718) 316-8197




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