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Below are some links to some informative websites for nutrition and health.

The American Dietetic Association website is the for nutrition professionals and lay people alike.  Includes a Tip of the Day and monthly feature.

A great site for healthy, delicious recipes and fitness tips.

The council on weight discrimination is dedicated to changing peoples attitudes and discrimination about weight.

The American Diabetes Association features recipes, research, information and samples on Diabetes and its complications.

The National Kidney Foundation website is a free resource for learning more about kidney disease, treatments and research.

The FAAN is an organization dedicated to raising awareness and providing research on food allergies.

A great website created by the FTC to warn consumers about diet rip offs.

Teaches the importance of portion control through utilization of pita pockets.

The importance of metabolic testing and customized nutrition supplementation. 

 Providing educational, evidence-based information for health conscious consumers.



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