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Diets Don't Work
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 High carb, low fat, low carb, high fat, high protein, high fat diets all claim to be the answer to everyone's weight problems.  Whether you have 10 or 50 pounds to lose, the choices and theories behind weight loss can be overwhelming.  Many of us are confused and desperate to try each new quick fix and jump from one to another in search for the ultimate weight loss solution. 

We've all heard that diets don't work.  It has become such a common phrase it not longer has the power it once did.  We've heard it all:  95% of people who have lost weight have regained it in 2 years, low carb is bad for your kidneys, eyesight and heart, and high carb is bad for your triglycerides and pancreas.  Some of these statements have some scientific basis, while others probably started out with a grain of truth that has been grossly distorted. 


It seems that with all the doctors, nutritionists and quacks out there trying to find the answer (some more genuine in their quest than others), we have forgotten what amazing machines our bodies are.  By taking the power away from external forces and listening to what our bodies are telling us, depending on sensations, feelings and internal cues, the battle of the bulge may finally be won.  By respecting our bodies for what they are able to do, perhaps they will respond by becoming more like what we have always envisioned them to be.

This approach is not the answer if you are looking for rapid weight loss, nor does it urge you to stick to a strict diet plan or count calorie, protein, carboydrate or fat grams.  Instead it encourages acceptance and respect for all bodies.  This method urges you to be thankful to you body and all it enables you to do; walk, run after the joom, clean the house, garden to name just a few.  The next step step is to listen to what our bodies are telling us.  If we feel hungry, eat!  And don't eat what they (doctors and nutritionists) have been telling you to eat, instead focus on what you really want.  In the beginning that may mean cake for breakfast, cookies for lunch and ice cream for dinner.  Go for it!  Eventually you will crave apples and chicken and carrots.  The time frame is different for everyone, but by sticking to it and reminding yourself what a wonderful specimen your body is, soon you will come to a weight you are comfortable and happy with and able to maintain for life.  A dietitian can help you achieve this by encouraging healthy choices and helping you to accept you body and realize its beauty.


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