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Weight Loss Tips

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1.     Exercise at least 4 times per week.  Find a sport or physical activity you enjoy and get out there.  Walking, running, rollerblading and bike riding are a few ideas to get your body burning fat and your heart pumping.


2.       Eat only when you are hungry.  We can all probably think of a million and one reasons why we eat without feeling hungry.  Eating is often in response to boredom, stress, happiness, sadness….the list of emotions goes on and on.  Purposefully eating only when hungry and stopping when full goes a long way towards weight maintenance and loss, more -


3.    Drink water throughout the day.  Water helps flush out the system and fill you up so you feel full longer. 


4.      Fill up on veggies.  A salad with vinegar or low calorie dressing before a meal will fill you up to help eliminate the need for second portions.


5.     Add fiber to your diet.  In addition to salad, fiber is may be found in fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains.  These items keep hunger at bay and will help you feel full longer.


6.     Eat breakfast.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the joom.  A breakfast containing some protein, fat and carbohydrate will jump start metabolism and assist in weight loss efforts.


7.     Eat 4-6 times a day.  Eating every 3-4 hours helps to keep blood sugar even and metabolism running smoothly.  In addition to 3 meals, a mid morning and afternoon snack should be incorporated into your meal plan daily.


8.     Good fats in small portions.  Mono- and poly-unsaturated fats such as olive and canola oil, peanut butter, almonds and walnuts are beneficial in raising good cholesterol and help keep you from feeling hungry.


9.     Do not go food shopping when you’re hungry.  Try to plan your meals and go to the store with a list, picking up only what you need.  Try not to get too many unhealthy items not on the list.


 10.   Do not deprive yourself of your favorite snacks.  It’s ok to have these foods once in a while, as long as it’s limited and in single servings.  Deprivation leads to desperation and binging, which surely is worse on weight loss efforts than controlled amounts of the food.



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