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Nutrition for Life provides nutrition counseling throughout the life cycle to promote better health. 

Individual CounselingImg6.png

Traditional nutrition counseling, this service requires meeting the dietitian who will interview you concerning health and nutrition related topics and include a discussion of medical, weight nutrition and exercise history as well as family medical history.  A customized meal plan will immediately be created according to lifestyle and preferences, and over the weeks a shopping list/menu/ eating on the go and recipe analysis will be provided while monitoring progress.


Online/Telephone Consulting

This site service enables clients throughout the country to be counseled by a Registered Dietitian in the comfort of their own home.  Online counseling sessions are usually done once a week for approximately 1/2 hour, and includes those services offered in personal counseling without meeting the dietitian.

Group Nutrition Counseling

Group counseling is done with 6-10 people with similar needs.  IT can be done online or in person and may include healthy eating habits, sports nutrition or disease specific nutrition therapy.


Recipe analysis for Cookbooks and Restaurants
Recipe analysis for authors wishing to publish nutrition facts and restaurants hoping to advertise healthy menu items is available.


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